Access Systems

CSS Worksafe offer a range of access solutions that provide workers with a continuous safe environment to work in, that also allows them to carry out their work unrestricted. 
From simple eyebolt anchorages to complex lifeline systems, the range of equipment available includes the most advanced systems on the market. 
We can offer equipment such as: 
Ladder Safety Systems
Horizontal Lifeline systems
Vertical Fall Arrest Systems
Fall Arrest Eyebolts and Anchorage
Fixed and Free Standing Handrail System 
Gantries and Access Platforms
Runway Beams
UniRail and Roofsafe systems
Bespoke Turnkey Solutions
In addition to providing equipment, CSS Worksafe operates a specialist installation service. That includes specification, design and installation of access systems to meet a client’s access needs. 
An increasing awareness of the requirement for safe access and the cost of accidents at work means building specifiers are designing fall protection systems as standard items on many new structures. CSS Worksafe can supply and install these for contractors sourcing fall protection systems.
Operating as specialist sub-contractors to the construction industry, CSS Worksafe offer one of the widest ranges of products and services available. CSS Worksafe installation personnel are highly trained safety and access technicians with experience of operating in the most demanding environments.
Our access ladder kit is a safe, simple to install modular ladder system that consists of individual components that easily bolt together to form a BS4211 compliant ladder.

The Ladsaf™ Vertical Fall Arrest System has been has been available for more than 30 years and is globally certified to ANSI, CE and CSA standards, so it can be used...

Every year, about 70 people are killed and 2500 seriously injured as a result of accidents involving vehicles in and around the workplace. 44% of falls from tipper lorries occur whilst...