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Installers of Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems.
Work at Height Equipment Suppliers.
Work at Height Training Providers.
Height Safety Equipment and Fall Protection System Inspection and Certification Providers.
Falls from height are one of the most common forms of accident at work. Every year, falls result in nearly 6000 cases of major injury and around 40 fatalities. The construction industry alone accounts for over half of these incidents. (RIDDOR 2013-2014, hse.gov.uk)
It is estimated that 567,000 working days are lost annually. With an estimated annual cost to society of accidents caused by falls is in the region of more than £300 million pounds; the associated cost of the falls is made up in terms of personal suffering, medical costs, costs to employers, lost output and damage to equipment.
CSS Worksafe is one of the longest established business’ in the field of height safety at work in Great Britain. We have been helping to reduce fall risk and improve safety at work since 1993, and we are confident our products and services can help to minimising the days you and your employees are off work for injuries and accidents at work.  
We can help all business improve their height safety at work from independent to large corporations and have provided our horizontal lifeline systems to Chelsea Football Club,  Eurotunnel, Buckingham Palace, and the new London Docklands Museum to name but a few.
At CSS Worksafe we are professional and innovative company that prides ourselves on putting the customer first and we are confident we can offer you a variety of services to help reduce the risk of accidents at work:

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail call us on 0800 783 0757 or email: info@cssworksafe.com